Thursday, July 31, 2008

About drupal custom modules

There are lot of CMSs (Content management system) out there, most popular currently being Drupal and Joomla.
There are lots of debates over which of these CMS is better. In my
opinion, each have their own strength and weaknesses. But when it comes
to power of customization, I choose Drupal over Joomla.

Ok, so we have a drupal powered website and we need some specific functionality which drupal does not provide out-of-box. So what do we do? Write our own module?

No! Before getting into development of custom module, I recommend searching in the modules contributed by users on drupal's website. Most of the times, you find one which suits your requirements, and sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised by the additional features it may have.

Why? What is the problem with me developing my own module?
Ok, here is why.
1. It saves a lot of time you put into development.
2. User contributed modules would have been tested by several people, issues detected and fixed. And hence will be more stable.
3. You will be able to get help/info on the module in the drupal forum.
4. To cut it short, no point reinventing the wheel.

Suppose you didn't find a suitable module or you just want to learn how to write a drupal module, check my other post here
Writing your first Drupal custom module.

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