Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Disable drag/drop in Explorer (WinXP)

Drag/Drop in windows explorer is a great feature, but has its own drawbacks. An unintentional click and move of mouse on explorer window would move a folder somewhere and the user would not even notice it, but some applications/functionalities stop working or start giving vague errors. This is a pain, particularly with non technical users.

For a long time, I was searching for a way to disable drag/drop in windows explorer. There were some suggestions on customizing "local zone" in internet explorer settings, some registry tweaks, etc. But none of them worked, atleast for WinXP (SP2). Finally I found a software which could disable drag/drop -- and also do much more than that. Faronics WINSelect. It can disable lot of windows features and some features of third party apps too. This is an excellent tool to make a system less prone to unintentional user errors and is particularly useful if the machine is used by several users.

I found 2 issues with this software.

1. It is not free. However there is a 30 day evaluation version available.
2. Accorcing to the documentation, we have to uninstall it using Add/Remove programs. However, it does not create entries in Add/Remove programs, nor there is an uninstall utility in its installation directory or program group. Finally I figured out the way to uninstall. Run the installer again!

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